Tips On Making “Work From Home” More Productive

Working from home can mean increased comfort levels. However...

Tips on making “Work From Home” more productive

Working from home can mean increased comfort levels. However, without the supervision of superiors or the organised structure of a workplace, many struggle to find the same levels of efficiency for work. As inevitable as it seems, reduced efficiency levels can be tackled as long you make simple but significant changes.

Start out by having a conducive working environment, designed specifically for your work. To ensure you are free from distractions, work in a quiet space. Spaces where family members often hang around, such as the living room or near the television, should be avoided. Keeping your work space clean and organised would also help keep things in your reach, making your work process more efficient.

Routine is king. Although the shift from working at office to home can be the cause of many smiles, it is crucial that a routine schedule is thought out and adapted to as quickly as possible. Humans are creatures of habit after all, and the temptations of the bed, or other forms of distractions, can cause a dip in productivity. Having a set time and sticking through with it will be akin to life working in the office. As easy as it sounds, the true struggle lies in persisting. Replicating what you did back in the office, such as grabbing a cup of coffee at every 10am, can help with the adaptation of things. Having already been made a lifestyle habit back in the office, your brain would retain these habits and help you with what comes after.

The next tip would be to pay attention to your image. Working from home may cause employees to think it is fine to dress sloppily. Working in sleep wear sounds convenient, but it does not help set the right tone for your work. A study by Psychological Science actually shows a positive relationship between the formality of attire and decision making.1 A shower and proper change of clothes to start your day can set you in the right mood for work. Being in proper attire also makes one more willing to accept a video call from work.

Finally, stay connected with your colleagues. Keeping in contact with colleagues can facilitate the tracking of your work’s progress. Video communication platforms like Zoom or Skype can be utilised for interaction between employees. Video sessions can allow co-workers to share their progress on work, to see if they are staying on task. It can serve as a motivation for employees to stay focussed on the work on hand. Through communicating with superiors, employees can also be aware of the expectations they need to meet.2

To conclude, working from home can be made productive by practising these tips. These tips do help simulate an office environment, which may be the key in helping employees face work with a positive attitude.



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8th January 2022


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